Live Streaming

Webcasting can take a small, intimate set and transform it into a global event! 

We are pleased to offer the capabilities of webcasting / live streaming in our studio, ranging from simple budget setups to sophisticated programs with Multicam, live green screen compositing and graphics etc.

Contact us for pricing tailored to your needs. We work with experienced streaming techs on a wide range of projects in our studio.
(212) 242-4065 –

  • Worldwide access to your events and announcements, product releases and important news.
  • Corporate communications between branches, clients across the street or across the globe.
  • Present to your team or audience safely during the period of health concerns.
  • Professional live streaming is likely less expensive than you might imagine; let us know your specific needs and scenario.
  • Performances, such as live concerts can be directed to your audience, with the option of free or charged access.
  • Host an audition with direction and feedback available in real time.
  • Live workshops and product demonstrations with the opportunity for feedback from your viewers.