Lighting and Rental

On Bravo Set
Real Housewives lit with Fill-Lites

BC Studio of NYC, has excellent natural atmospheric window light as well as a full range of LED, and fluorescent fixtures, included for FREE in every rental. This includes five, 24″x 24″state-of-the-art LED soft lights, called Fill-Lites. See below for a complete list of complimentary lights and grip equipment, as well as camera and sound equipment for rental.

Studio Rate: $160 / hr. (5 hr. minimum)
OR Special TWO-Camera Package (Canon 5D and Canon C-100)

includes basic two-channel audio, one camera operator and a video utility for only $375/hr, including studio and lights!

OR our 4K Special: Sony FS5 with operator only $300/hr. (min. 5 hours)

Lights, grip gear and electric included Free with studio rental

  • Lights
    NEW 1-Fill Light 200 (2’x2′ soft, daylight source)
    NEW 1-Fill Light Wall (4’x2′ soft, daylight source)
    NEW 2-Fill Light Singles(2’x2′ soft, daylight source)
    1-Kino Diva 401(daylight or tungsten)
    1-Dracast LED500 Bi-Color
    1- Impact Fluorescent (kino bulbs) (daylight)
    1- Dracast LED Tube light (daylight) for Green Screen
    2 1k dimmers
    3-inkies (250 watts)
    1-LTM pepper (250 w)
  • Grip Gear
    6-grip stands with arms
    1-large white silk (48×48)
    2-solid flags (18×32)
    1-solid flag (24×48)
    4 apple boxes
    Several misc. white foam core boards
    Assorted clamps
    Many extension cables for lights
    12′ Green Background
    12′ Thunder Grey Background
    12′ White Background
    9′ assorted colors

Additional equipment and services for rental

Ask about pricing.

  • Teleprompter and operator $80/hr. min. 4 hours.
  • Camera Gear:
    Canon EOS C-100, Canon 5D Mk 3 with 28-70mm L,  70-200mm 2.8 L, 50mm 1.8 L, 17-40mm f4.0, 40mm pancake lenses
    Panasonic AC 130 with 20x lens
    Sony FS5, 4k camera with variety of lenses
    3 ft. slider with parallax correction and other equipment on request
  • Audio Gear:
    2 Sennheiser wireless lavalieres and Sennheiser dynamic hand mic, 2 Tram lavalieres, AT shotgun with boom. Tascam DR-60D Mk II
  • Experienced Professional Crew
    Director of Photography, Cameraman, Lighting director, Gaffer/electrician, Makeup & hair, P.A.
  • Post-Production
    We have a full on-site edit suite, and can test and key your footage immediately.

BC Studio has FIVE Fill-Lites: 2’x 2′, modular wrap-around soft light, TLCI rating of 95. BC is the only video studio on the East Coast to offer these beautiful units FREE as part of our lighting package.  

These lights were used on a recent Bravo event for Real Housewives.
Lit only by Fill-Lite units.

DP Rob Draper says about this light: “The Lady Pleaser”
The quality of the light is astounding, dubbed by my crew “the lady pleaser”, great wrap and essentially the quality of a soft light thru 216 (without the 216).